An Old Friend
Season 1 Episode 4

After being the heroes of the verse for rescuing passengers of The Star of Sihnon, they ended up on the evening news cycles and hundreds of interviews in the following days. Taking advantage of the fame, Rocky convinced Five Star Lines to compensate them for the damages incurred in the rescue. Not wanting the bad press, they agreed to repair the Ulfric 209. The repair replaced many old components, got a new paint job and a completely refurbished bathroom. Upon stepping aboard the ship for the first time since it went into dry dock, everything feels like new. Thinking they saved a lot of money in the process, the Alliance had other ideas. During the repair, the crew had stayed on the cruiser for the duration and the alliance charged them for the stay of 15,000 credits, leaving the crew with only 10 credits. But now they have a fully refitted ship, fully stocked and fuelled.

Broke once again the crew venture into the black trying to decide what to do next. Seek out James or go help an old friend? At the end they decided James could wait. The crew headed off to Albion to meet Adrian. As soon as they arrived, Rocky called Adrian and agreed to meet at the local inn. Being broke, meant they had to avoid landing fees lest they can scrounge up some money on the planet. Choosing not to risk the fees, the crew chose a spot in the country away from the population. To ensure nobody notices their landing, Ivan chose to land at night. Landing was anything but smooth.

As soon as the sun came out in the morning, they realised they had parked on a hill without much cover. Instead of moving the ship, they decided to leave it where it is and head into town. Rocky made sure the doors were locked before leaving.

As it was early the crew decided to get breakfast while they wait for Adrian. Soon Adrian came in and joined them. After the meet and greet stuff, Adrian told them about the story of his uncle. A chemist working for a corporation was kidnapped. The Alliance was moving too slow for his liking, but he had found where he was held and needed them to help him free his uncle. Adrian has also discovered there was an archive on an old Alliance space station which has records from before the war and could help Rocky find his long lost brother.

Agreeing to help Adrian, they headed back to the ship. First though, Rocky wanted to do some shopping. He wanted to get a duster so he could conceal all his weapons. Luckily it was market day in town.

Soon they headed off to Falcon Head on Burnett where Adrian believed his uncle was being held captive. During the one week trip to Burnett, Adrian told the crew what he had found out about the kidnappers and the building his uncle was being held captive.

His uncle was being held captive by General McSlaughter. Mickey and Ivan immediately recalled General McSlaughter was an Independent General during the war who committed atrocious act of barbarism and refused the final surrender to the Alliance. He is still classed as a terrorist and traitor. A warrant remains outstanding for his arrest. As far as Adrian can find out, he kidnapped his uncle and several other scientists to create chemical and biological weapons. Gen. McSlaughter is rebuilding an army under the new flag of Freedom Liberation Army. They have taken an old abandoned Alliance bunker outside of Falcon Head. Fortunately the plans for the bunker are held in the Town Hall archives in Falcon Head when they were considering to use the bunker for other means.

After landing on Falcon Head (no spaceport) they headed into town. The town of Falcon Head looked like it had seen better days. Dilapidated and empty buildings could be seen everywhere. Heading into the town hall they asked to see the clerk in charge. Unfortunately the clerk was killed two weeks ago by reavers and he was the only one with the key. Mickey decided to visit the Sheriff to find out what he could. McSlaughter apparently has made a great impression to the towns people and holds his daily evening meeting at the local inn at 8PM where he runs his recruitment drive, shakes hands and overall making motivational speeches.

Deciding they needed to get to the archive room, they decided to wait till evening. Rocky attempts to block the window of the bathroom open by sticking toilet paper in the latch.

Returning when it is dark and the town hall firmly closed, Rocky sees that his paper trick worked. Somebody did try to clean up his mess, but there was enough to be able to pop the window open. Ivan was the first to climb in and as Rocky pushed him up through the window, he fell head first into the toilet. Adrian stayed behind to keep watch.

Having wondered around the building earlier, they headed straight to the archive room. The door looked very battered and it looked like the locals used the archive room at some point to hide from the reavers. Ivan didn’t manage to open the lock and Mickey struggled as well, but eventually they managed to get the door open. Looking around for the plans, they got lucky and found it pretty quickly.

As soon as they got out of the building the same way they came in, they started discussing the next stages of their plan. Unfortunately they stood their discussing so long, the sheriff found them and chased them away for loitering.

Mickey and Rocky decided to head to the Inn to find out about McSlaughter while Ivan and Adrian went to case out the bunker.

McSlaughter was spurting propaganda left and right. He claimed the Independence committee was weak and traitors to the cause. They were not prepared to sacrifice for the greater cause. He calls upon all who believe in the independence to take on arms claiming through violence will they achieve their goals. He even goes as far as describing the browncoats as independence fighters pissing in their pants!

Rocky tried to ask one of the locals what they thought of McSlaughter and the response he got was full of admiration. How McSlaughter saved the town from the reavers. Single handedly slaughtered a group of reavers on his own. Destroyed a whole fleet etc. He was a hero to them.

Mickey instead tried to smuggle a listening device onto one of the lieutenants, but he botched it by dropping the mic. Luckily nobody noticed.

Overall there seem to be about 20 soldiers at the inn, but majority of them were very poorly dressed. It didn’t look like they were well trained at all.

Ivan and Adrian staked out the facility to discover there only about 9 guards on the premises, but didn’t know how many were in the bunker. They had 2 patrolling the outside of the building but were inside the fence. Each guard tower had one person in them.

After McSlaughter finished his recruitment drive they headed back towards the base. Rocky and Mickey quietly followed them back. Ivan and Adrian waited at the base till the General and his goons disappeared into the bunker.

Ivan, Mickey and Rocky headed back to the ship leaving Adrian to lookout for the next shift change in guards. They spent the rest of the night planning their assault on the base and the bunker.

The next morning around 8AM Adrian returns to ship reporting the change of guards was at 7AM and he overheard there was a transport arriving tonight at 9PM. He had no idea what the cargo was. This gave Ivan, Mickey and Rocky the idea of hijacking the transport to get into the bunker. As they were up all night, they decided to go to bed and go look for the transport in the afternoon.

As it approached 4PM, they lifted off in search of the transports. Flying around they found 8 transports which looked like they could arrive at the base by 9PM. A couple of them were horse carriages, but Ivan was of the opinion it couldn’t be horse carriages, but they were going to search each transport anyway.

The first few transports they searched only resulted in a set of uniforms which were close enough to what the guards were wearing. Useful for getting into the base.

On the 5th transport which was a horse carriage, there were two which clammed up upon questioning by Rocky. In the carriage they found 8 cannisters without any markings. Threatening them with guns seem to have little effect. Ivan decided to accelerate the situation by tying the two to a cannister and slowly started opening the valve to get them to tell him about the transport. One of the two guards panicked and spilled the beans. The transport is for McSlaughter, but they did not know what was in the cannisters. Only that it was poisonous. To get into the base the password was Mongoose. Rocky wondered if they would recognise them upon which the guard replied it would depend on who was on shift. Ivan put them to sleep and dumped them in the forest. Stealing their clothes, they discovered they were wearing uniforms underneath.

Ivan moved the ship closer to the base while Mickey took the transport and headed into town as scheduled. They met up around 9PM near the turn off to the base. Adrian and Mickey got in the back while Ivan drove the carriage with Rocky holding shotgun. They got stopped at the gates, but passed without problems. The warehouse manager came out to meet them and told them to help get the stock into the bunker as they were short handed as usual.

Ivan and crew got out without anybody noticing there were four of them now. They brought all the cargo onto the main lift and rode down to the first level (warehouse level). The manager gave them instructions where to put everything and told them to take the cannisters to the research level and store it there. They did as they were told and took the cannisters into the lift. As they reached the admin level, two guards got in and got off again on the living quarters level. They continued down to the research level where they dropped off the cannisters. They decided to crack the lock on the door and search the lab. All the cables and pipes led to centre points where it looked like there were devices, but they were now gone. Further search through lab found offices of all the scientists and one of them was Prof. Conrad Corbine, Adrian’s uncle. The walls were covered in chemical formulae and the desk and floor was strewn with paper and books. Not having found anything useful, they continued to search each level.

They finally ended up on the living quarters level where they found the scientists locked inside their rooms. At first Prof. Corbine didn’t even recognise his nephew Adrian. After freeing the uncle, he insisted on freeing all the other scientists imprisoned with him. On the way back to the lift, Mickey and Rocky decided to bolt the barracks shut just in anyone was still in there. To make sure McSlaughter couldn’t create any further weapons, they decided to destroy the base by overloading the power plant. Luckily one of the scientists knew the best way to destroy the power plant leaving enough time for them to get out and nobody noticing.

As soon as they got out of the lift on the warehouse level they got stopped by the warehouse manager. Before he could do anything Ivan tazered him to sleep. Just when they thought they were clear, one of scientists pulled the fire alarm. When Rocky confronted him, he only responded with “Hail, General McSlaughter” at which point Ivan put him to sleep as well. Heading towards the lift, they could see it was descending and most likely with guards. They quickly went and hid in the warehouse, but in a position where they could continue to see the lift. 7 guards got out of the lift. 3 of the guards were commanded to stay behind while the other 4 headed down. 2 were to check out the scientist and the manager while the other one was to search the warehouse. Luckily he went to the other side of the warehouse. Ivan, Mickey and Rocky decided to bolt for the lift with the scientists and Adrian. They made it to the lift, but the other two guards pulled their weapons, but didn’t manage to get a shot off before Ivan and Rocky put them down. The third guard rushed out from the warehouse, but couldn’t get a shot off as the doors of the lift closed.

As they came out of the bunker, two guards queried them what was happening. They didn’t know what to do and McSlaughter wasn’t around. Ivan and Rocky convinced them that they were taking the scientists into town where it would be safer. Thus escaping from the base they headed straight back to the ship and took off. Two gunmen watched as they took off.

On board the 209, the Professor began looking for food, while Adrian said they needed to head to Persephone and contact James Newton as he would know what to do next.

A Black Die Affair or The Piano Guy
Season 1 Episode 3

The crew of the 209 are on the way back to Persephone after their last adventure. Mickey has managed to repair the damaged caused on triumph and also fixed the sensors and communications which were both sabotaged. A flurry of messages start coming through the cortex. There is a message for Ivan. The message was from James. “I heard what happened on Triumph and we need to talk when you get back to Persephone.”

Another message was for Rocky. His old friend Adrian asked for Rocky’s help. He also says he found something Rocky was looking for.

The next message was an invitation to participate in an annual cargo ship race, but Ivan wasn’t interested.

Ivan has also received a list of parts Mickey wants them to get to repair the ship. The parts will cost 8000 new.

Suddenly the cortex link broke again. Ivan berates Mickey. As he tries to find the fault he discovers their communication is being jammed and the system is working fine.

Ivan concerned that they will be boarded again, jerks the ship into a spin to stop any potential ship from docking. Rocky at the tone was in the toilet and the sudden spin maneuver by Ivan caused a temporary gravitational shift as the artificial gravity tried to compensate the sudden change. This caused Rocky to fall off the toilet creating a major mess.

As Ivan begins to reduce the spin, Ivan attempts to scan the space around them, but the jammer was messing with their sensors. Mickey tries to locate the source, but the jamming was too strong. As they look out the window to see if they can see any ships, they suddenly see a bright light flash. They decide to investigate the light, although they were tempted to run away. As they got closer the saw an explosion in the same spot. Attempting to use the scanner despite the jamming reveals a cruise liner, but the jamming stopped them from identifying which cruise liner. Widely the comms unit starts to chirp. Although the transmission is garbled, they can distinctly hear a message. “Mayday, mayday, this is the star of sihnon. We require immediate assistance. Please respond.”

Rocky eventually joins them after using duck tape to shut the toilet. Apparently some significant professional cleaning help was required.

Mickey checks the shop registry database on board the ship to see what kind of ship is the star of sihnon. He finds the ship to be the flagship of the five star line out of the docks only 6 months ago. The ship carries 3000 passengers and 1000 crew.

Mickey attempts to contact the star of Sihnon using a fake name in case this was a trap. He gets a response requesting help to evacuate passengers. Rocky asked what happened, the response was there has been explosions on the ship taking out half of their escape pods.

Being good Samaritans, they decide to help out. As they approach the liner, there is a clear visible gap in the ship with fires all over the ship.

Once they rock to the liner and open the door, smoke Cooke’s pouring in. Through the smoke they can see chaos. Crew members are trying to keep the panicking passengers calm. An officer approaches the crew. His rank insignia had fallen off and his typical cruise liner white uniform was dirtied by blood and dirt. He asks how many they can take. Ivan responds with a 100, but children and women first. He starts to bark orders to his crew to get passengers aboard. Suddenly another explosion rocks the ship and the panicking passengers start to run for the 209. The liner crew have lost complete control of the situation and a crowd of people is now rushing towards the 209. Rocky attempts to convince the passengers to calm down by pulling his gun out. Although this had an effect on the ones in the front, they were being pushed forward by the others. Ivan and Rocky begin retreating to the stairway and closing the hatch behind them. They begin heading up the stairs when they suddenly find themselves suspended in the air.

Mickey deduces the cruise liner must have suddenly rotated as he can see from the bridge window that they are still attached to the star of sihnon. The ship’s artificial gravity must not have compensated in time. All this is going through his head before he hits the ground injuring his shoulder. Ivan and rocky managed to avoid any injury.

Ivan shouts to Mickey to close the hangar doors.

While Ivan heads into the cockpit, the ship starts shuddering and shaking. As he is looking for the detach switch, the 209 breaks free. Searching through the star charts, Ivan finds the nearest populated planet to be Brisibgham and begins his burn procedure for the planet. After a while the 209 gets rocked about. Ivan slowly rotates the ship to see the star of sihnon rip apart with multiple explosions. It doesn’t look like anybody else has survived.

Mickey finds something is wrong with the ship. Investigating the fault he finds nothing is wrong with the ship. The life support system simply isn’t powerful enough to recycle the amount of CO2 currently being generated aboard.

Rocky decides to go to the hangar and find out how many passengers they rescued. Upon entering he finds the hangar brim full with passengers. The passengers are of varying class, age and dress. There are children, people in evening dresses, people in pyjamas etc. He even sees someone carry a violin box. There also seem to have two crew members from the Star of Sihnon aboard. He starts to count the passengers, but due to the sheer numbers he soon loses count and estimates there are about 200 passengers aboard.

Rocky asks the violin player to play some music, but there isn’t enough space. Rocky and Ivan agree to move the parents and children into the spare quarters. The violinist request a number of the other members of the orchestra which survived to be allowed to play with him. Rocky doesn’t mind and secures a space by the stairs for them to play. The orchestra now includes a violinist, saxophone player and a piano player with a holographic piano. (GM: I still don’t know who said there was a piano player. I never said there was one!) The music helped calm down the passengers.

Later, a passenger approaches Rocky and asks for food and water. After a bit of forth and back Rocky finally provides the passengers with whatever food and water they have on the ship. Unfortunately in the process of distributing the food and water, a fight breaks out which Rocky manages to resolve without incident.

In the meantime, Mickey tells Ivan to find another planet as the CO2 level is rising and they won’t make it to Brisign. Ivan finds the closest possible planet is Hammer. Hammer is still in the state of terraforming. Compared to the other planetoids, Hammer’s terraforming is the most advanced. The planet is far from complete, but should provide a breathable atmosphere for everybody. With no other choices, Ivan changes course for Hammer.

At one point during the trip, Rocky decides to find out if any of the passengers happens to be domestic staff which could help in cleaning up the mess in the toilet. Rocky makes an announcement to the passengers, but received no response.

As they approach Hammer, Ivan scans the planet for a suitable landing spot and begins his manoeuvres. As he steers the ship to land, he sees them pass a structure which looks like a terraforming station. The ship sets down without incident and he opens the hangar doors to allow the planetary air to circulate through the ship. The air is thin, but enough to be breathable.

Ivan and Rocky decide the best is to move the passengers off the ship to the processing plant. Unfortunately the passengers were not prepared to move. Rocky gave a convincing speech promising better facilities (at least definitely cleaner). The passengers were convinced but had one stipulation. One of the them would lead the passengers to the facility. Rocky and Ivan agreed to take them to the new facility and leave Mickey behind to guard the ship.

Ivan leads the way with Rocky covering the rear. The reach the facility without incident. The find the facility door locked. Ivan attempts to crack the electronic lock and botches it. Using their radio they tell Mickey to come over and unlock the door. Mickey gathers his tools, locks up the ship and makes his way over to the facility.

Mickey decides to repair the lock before attempting to unlock the door. The repair was successful but manages to break the lock again. Fed up of trying to unlock the door, he pulls out his cutting torch and cut the lock. As Murphy’s law strikes, the torch slips out of Mickey’s hand and cuts the hinges. The door completely falls off.

They enter the facility and search the place. They find there are food supplies for everybody for a day, a conference room with a communication station, computer rooms and a bunch of terraforming equipment.

In the conference room Mickey attempts to establish a connection. He successfully figures out how to use the conferencing equipment to discover a connection can’t be established presumably due to the jamming.

He then tries to hack the main computer to see how many stations are on the planet and if any of them currently have staff. He discovers there are four other terraforming stations, but they all appear to be empty at the moment. In the meantime the passengers have started to settle into the terraforming facility.

Ivan considers the possibility of transporting the passengers to a populated planet or take off to find help. The nearest populated planet is Birm and is still 12 hours away. Whichever way, they decide Mickey should head back to the ship in an attempt to boost the life support system. Hopefully boost it enough to carry the passengers to Birm.

Mickey returns to the ship with no incident. He attempts to boost the life support system but instead managed to cause the system to malfunction. But during this time he does notice the compression coil is missing. Without it, they can’t get into orbit. Mickey tells Ivan and Rocky over the communicators about the missing coil. He then spends his time fixing the life support system hoping Ivan and Rocky don’t notice.

Ivan and Rocky suspect one of the passengers must have stolen it. A general search didn’t help. Rocky begins talking about strip searching the passengers, but decided against it. They then hear a ship fly past.

Mickey sees the ship approaching from the cockpit. Rocky attempt to hail the ship using the conferencing facility. The ship identifies themselves as the Alliance Interceptor Vengeance searching for the survivors of the Star of Sihnon. They tell them about the incident and their location. Mickey sees the ship turnaround and head for the processing facility.

The ship is an ASREV. Ivan and Rocky watch as the ship lands with Alliance markings. 4 men step out wearing Alliance uniforms. Something about the alliance officer doesn’t seem right to Ivan. He asks about which station he is based on. The officer responds with the Alliance cruiser Sun Tzu. Ivan does know there is an Alliance Cruiser in the sector.

The officer then asks for a list of the passengers and Ivan responds they don’t have one. He insists they put a list together. Ivan tells the officer to do it himself. Not happy, he commands his other three men to start building the list. The three men try to put a list together, but the passengers have spread themselves all over the processing facility. The officer is starting to get extremely agitated by the delay.

After a while, he becomes exasperated and calls his men back. He addresses the passengers and demands to know if there were any survivors which were part of the orchestra. Rocky asked why the orchestra and the officer responded with those were his orders. At that point the violinist steps forward.

(What happened now?)

Ivan gets the drop and manages to shoot the officer before they manage to use their guns. The officer and one of the men start running for their ship. The other two shoot at Ivan and Rocky. Ivan and Rocky manages to hit the officer and falls down on the ground. The man with him turns around to protect the officer. Rocky asks for their surrender and they start to think about it. Ivan throws a concussion grenade to knock out the officer and his compadre. The concussion grenade knocked the man protecting the officer into a half conscious state, but the officer wasn’t affected as he was on the ground. The other two decided to run for it. The officer manages to crawl into the ship. Mickey and Ivan decide to chase the officer. As they reach the ship, the officer has already climbed his way in. Rocky shoots him and as he dies, he says: “Carmen will bring the others, no escape for you. Mark my words, the Boss is in too deep to let this go, she’ll kill all of you to get that treasure”.

The remaining soldier begins to recover. Ivan goes out and shoots him dead.

Ivan attempts to convince the passengers to return the part. They are awed by his speech and start pointing fingers at each other. The compression coil doesn’t reveal itself. Rocky tells Mickey to join them in the processing plant. Mickey locks up the ship and starts making his way to the plant. Rocky tells him to check if he can see the part on the way over.

As Mickey makes the journey to the processing plant, he hears the sound of more ships approaching. He begins to run to the facility. Ivan begins blocking the doorway using the door as cover ensuring there is one choking point. Rocky curses that he forgot to get Mickey to bring his sniper rifle with him.

As soon as Mickey arrives, they see three ASREVs arrive. They land in a T formation ensuring Ivan, Rocky and Mickey don’t have a clear shot into their cargo bay. Rocky decides to take a shot at one of the ASREVs cracking the cockpit window. They see 8 spreading out. Based on Rocky’s experience, they looked far more professional than the previous lot. Ivan took the first shot successfully hitting one of them. Rocky wasn’t so lucky. The return fire missed them, but Ivan had a plan. They will retreat into the building letting the soldiers in creating a two in the corridor. Both Ivan and Rocky got hit in their retreat while the soldiers started moving forward. Ivan and Rocky waited for the soldiers to enter. To break the stalemate one of the soldiers threw a smoke grenade. Mickey seeing the grenade attempts to hit it out of the facility. Unfortunately he misses and the grenade releases enough smoke to make the whole corridor invisible. Ivan, Rocky and Mickey can hear footsteps approaching but can’t see them. Suddenly one guy appears in front of Mickey and another in front of Ivan. Ivan successfully manages to dodge his goon, but Mickey wasn’t so lucky and got smacked onto the floor. Ivan pulls out his submachine gun and decides to pepper the place with bullets hitting both goons. Rocky does the same killing the two gone in the corridor. Two bond return fire from the doorway missing them. Ivan decides to throw a flash bang, but the gone saw it in time and avoided getting blinded. Just before they attempt to enter, a large explosion rocked the place. Suddenly there was a lot of shouting outside. A ship could be heard trying to takeoff followed by another explosion. When Rocky looked through the doorway, he could see one of the asrevs in flames. As they approached the doorway they could see the soldiers firing their weapons into the air, obviously attacking another ship. They didn’t last long. They were son gunned down by the other ship. As son as the dust cleared, another asrev was landing south alliance markings. As the officer got out and greeted them. They were looking for a ship which rescued passengers from the star of sihnon. They were able to get a description from the cruise liners black box. The alliance cruiser sun tzu was in orbit. They requested Ivan and co carry the passengers to the cruiser as the asrev couldn’t carry any passengers. They told the officer that their compassion coil got stolen. The officer said he had a spare onboard. Mickey installed the part and they were soon underway with the passengers to the alliance cruiser. While the passengers were disembarking, the alliance commanded them to stay and wait in the great conference hall. Not too long crews of cameras started appearing and not long after that an admiral stood on stage and started his speech.

He told the story of the loss of the star of sihnon and the mystery of its destruction. Only to discover it was sabotage in an attempt to steal a Stradivarius violin. He then brought the violinist to the stage to show the violin. He then began to praise the bravery and sacrifice the crew of the Uflric 209 made and called Ivan, Rocky and Mickey to the stage where they received a grand applaud. And the five star line had rewarded them 5000 credits for the rescue of the passengers.

Gun Runners
Season 1 Episode 2

James organises the meet for the crew. They are to meet their contact at a bar in the seedy part of Waterdown city. The crew arrive early and find a table. Mickey went to get drinks and is approached by a drunk which the bartender refuses to serve as he hasn’t paid his tab. He tries to sell Mickey his watch for some cash. Mickey manages to negotiate the cost down to 10 credits and accepts. The watch is worth at least 50 credits at any disreputable pawn broker. More at a reputable one.

Fed up with waiting, Rocky goes and buys the drinks. While the bartender is busy with another customer, Rocky gets approached by a different drunk who says to him “I don’t like your face!”. Rocky tries to calmly resolve the situation, but the drunk has no intention of resolving anything. He attempts to punch Rocky completely missing. After a second attempt at trying to stop the attacker, Rocky punches his lights out. Somebody shouts “bar fight” and the whole place erupts.

In the meantime, a person approaches Ivan and identifies himself as Phil Silver. He suggests they depart to somewhere a little bit more quiet to discuss their arrangement. Ivan follows Silver and waves Mickey and Rocky to follow. Rocky manages to punch his way out while Mickey manages to sneak out. As they leave the bar and get into Silvers hover limo, they can hear somebody scream “Alliance!”.

As they drive off, Silver tells them of the job. They are to transport weapons to the governor of Triumph. Apparently the governor is having a few problems. When asked by Rocky as to payment, Silver is prepared to pay 5000 credits. Rocky manages to negotiate an increase to 6000.

As Silver drops them off at Eavesdown dock by the 209, they see three gunmen and Ellis Fern waiting for them. Ellis greets them and provides them papers which will allow them to land at any planet in the verse as they are now officially contracted by International Import/Export. James has hired three gunmen to help out on the job as thanks for saving him. Their names are Joseph, Bruce and Francis. They load the cargo and Rocky goes to pay the docking fee.

The dock master demands 2000 credits landing fee for two weeks. Rocky complains and negotiates the cost down to 750 credits.

They depart for Triumph, roughly two weeks away at current planetary rotation.

About 2 weeks later, everybody on board is going a little stir crazy. Three more days and they will arrive at Triumph. Ivan is in his room admiring beautiful blondes and boobies in the latest Playboy magazine. Rocky couldn’t find his playboy magazine so ends up reading Jane’s newest magazine on guns and ammo. He’s admiring the new Makarov Pistol version 3 from Izhevsk Mechanical Industries. The gun itself isn’t that impressive, but the holster that comes with is impressive. The holster is an auto load holster on draw, shaving milliseconds off ones draw. Mickey is reading the latest article on the cortex bio interface and thinking about how this could make him some money.

Suddenly they hear screaming coming from below. Apparently Joseph and Bruce are fighting. Something about cheating at cards. Rocky goes to investigate, while Ivan goes to the cockpit to check on things. Mickey heads to make sure everything is alright in the engine room.

As Rocky enters the cargo hold, he can see Bruce and Joseph screaming and shouting at each other. Rocky attempts to calm them down, but they aren’t listening. He pulls his shotgun out to get their attention with no luck.

Joseph and Bruce start throwing the cargo at each other at which point Rocky tries to intervene by punching Bruce.

In the meantime, Ivan went to check on Francis finding him asleep in his bunk. Ivan decided to lock the door, just in case and then headed down to find out what is going on.

Rocky manages to calm down Bruce, but not Joseph. Mickey decides to come down to watch the show. After a few rounds, Rocky manages to knock out Joseph. Francis appears behind Mickey yawning and asking what is going on. After telling him that they were fighting, he shrugs his shoulder like it is nothing new. Ivan tells him to get his men under control and responds their not his men. Francis leaves to return to his quarters while the rest clean up the mess and carry Joseph back to his bunk.

The next day, Mickey has an uneasy feeling something is not quite right. Something feels off. The vibration of the ship, the hum of the engine, something isn’t right. He goes to check the engines and all he finds is the engine needs a minor calibration. After resolving the calibration issue, something is still nagging him but he doesn’t know what.

Ivan suddenly has a bad feeling as well. He goes to the cockpit to check his instruments. Besides a minor course correction needed, nothing seemed amiss.

Not longer after, they all feel a sudden gravitational shift. It felt like the ship was moved. Ivan immediately deduced they were being boarded. Rushing to the cockpit and looking out the window they see a skiff has docked with their ship. He tells everybody to get ready as they are being boarded. Joseph, Bruce and Francis gather their guns and await their orders in the galley. Mickey, Ivan and Rocky does the same. When they are all ready, Ivan tells Joseph, Bruce and Francis to go first, with Rocky following.

Before they managed to reach the bottom of the stairs, a rain of gunfire comes flying from the cargo hold. Without being able to see into the cargo hold, Ivan decides to use a flash bang. He throws it into the cargo hold. As soon as it goes off, Joseph, Bruce and Francis rush in. Ivan and Rocky follow and see 6 gunmen behind crates, but suddenly find themselves at gun point by Joseph, Bruce and Francis. Ivan using his lightning reflexes decides to respond by shooting Joseph. Rocky does the same with Bruce.

The pirates tells them to surrender and Ivan responds with further gunfire. After a few exchanges of gunfire resulting in the death of Joseph, Ivan resorts to using a fragmentation grenade to clear out the pirates. He successfully lobs it over the crates landing amidst the pirates causing massive damage to the pirates and the cargo. Mickey now gets himself involved in the fight as well and manages to kill Bruce and Francis.

After receiving a number of wounds and killing a few pirates, they soon hear somebody shout retreat. Two new gunmen appear spraying gunfire everywhere. Rocky and Mickey get hit by the spray from one pirate, but only Rocky gets hit by the second. As they return fire, they manage to take one out while the pirates escape.

As the pirate ship leaves and thinking the situation is over, the engine falters and they are left dead in space. Mickey finds the engines have been sabotaged, but initially could not figure out how to repair it.

Ivan attempts to track the ship and marks them as heading to Triumph. Mickey worked on the engine for nearly two days before they were boarded by an Alliance Patrol ship. Ivan and Rocky did not bother to clean up the cargo hold and as soon as the Alliance boarded, they were immediately arrested. After a lengthy interview and a number of checks, they were finally released. As soon as they stepped aboard they saw an empty cargo hold and hearing the airlock door shut behind them They immediately suspect the Alliance patrol boat was not real.

Mickey rushes back to finish repairs while Ivan tracks the patrol boat. As soon as they get under way, Ivan chases after them. Although the 209 is faster than an alliance patrol boat, for some reason they weren’t able to catch this one. They are only managing to match their speed. The follow the ship all the way to Triumph and loose the ship somewhere in Summerbrook Mountains.

They decide to search Summerbrook Mountain from the air, but with no luck and decided to land in the valley. Mickey removes parts of the ship to make sure nobody can steal it while they go looking for the ship. Fully armed they investigate the valley scaring off the farmers. Soon they ended up in a dead end when they are told to surrender, but they don’t see anyone. Deciding to surrender, 6 gunmen come out and attempt to remove their weapons. Rocky tries to negotiate with them to keep their weapons unsuccessfully. They surrendered (under the order of the GM) and was taken to the caves nearby.

In the caves they met Algernon Yong and tells them of the horrible things the Governor’s son Perun Ryo Jr. has done. Since the illness of Perun Ryo Senior, the son has taken over the governorship and has forced everybody into slavery and has begun stealing the people’s farms. The rebellion needed the guns and also needs their help.

The mercenaries working for Perun Ryo are unhappy. With a lack of weapons, the only thing keeping them here is their salary. Algernon wants to make sure they never get paid and thus will desert the Governor. But he needs help as they have only two ships. One they use for undercover work (the Alliance Patrol ship) and the other one has broken down (the Pirate skiff). They need the 209 to drop 6 troops onto the train so the rebels can stop the train in the mountain and steal the payroll. Ivan agrees, although Rocky seems to feel differently. Rocky is intent on wanting to be paid for the job. Algernon says they don’t have much, but promises a portion of the payroll, but Rocky kept pressing for a definite sum. Algernon says he doesn’t know how much is on the train and he’ll have to wait till the job is complete.

The crew of the 209 do come up with a slight alternative solution to the plan. Rocky suggests planting the squadkiller to blow the train up if the rebel team fail to stop the train. No one disagreed and they go prep for the job.

Mickey manages to create more damage than mend when he tries to put the parts he took out back in. Luckily he just manages to finish the job in the nick of time. Rocky lays the squadkiller and tries to turn it on. It didn’t work. He bangs the thing and tries again. The red light comes on telling Rocky it is finally armed. Rocky starts heading out of there.

Ivan manoeuvres the ship under the radar through the mountains and manages to drop the rebels off the train. As they continue to follow the train, they notice the train isn’t slowing down. Ivan and Mickey discuss about Mickey getting on the train to stop it with Rocky chiming in over the comm set. Mickey is refusing to budge.

Soon the train does start to slow down, but it doesn’t look like it will stop before it hits the squadkiller. Ivan comes up with a brilliant plan to nudge the train off the tracks. He pilots perfectly nudging the train off the track with no damage whatsoever to the 209. Just a little scratch on the paint.

The train derails and comes to a halt. As Ivan lands the ship, they see three rebels disembark. As Ivan and Mickey approach the three, they discover the others did not manage to secure the payroll carriage. Two of the rebels begin to help the passengers off the train. Ivan sent the other one with Mickey to go around the other side of the payroll carriage. Ivan successfully manages to crack the lock on the train and tells Mickey to do the same. Mickey manages to unlock his side as well.

Ivan wants to scare them from coming out by making a small opening and firing into the carriage. As soon as Mickey pulls open the door to let the rebel gunmen fire in, a stream of bullets fly out from the inside.

By this time Rocky has arrived and is standing next to Ivan. Using the opportunity of the distraction, Ivan board the train and finds 4 guards hunkered down. Rocky jumps in after him and tells them to surrender. The guards argue over surrendering and suddenly a shot went off killing one of them. Ivan responds by shooting the guard who shot the gunmen. The rest surrender. When Rocky asked who they were, the guards tell them they are mercs working for Governor Ryo. They discover from the guards the payroll totalled 150k credits.

With the help of the rebels they move the payroll onto the 209 and take off. Unfortunately Ivan mis-calculated his flight path slightly and got detected. He managed to hide and dodge making the signal to be no more than a blip on somebody else’s radar.

Upon returning to the rebel base, Ivan and Mickey remain on board and let Rocky handle the negotiations. Algernon is happy to see Rocky, but the situation soon turns sour. Rocky attempts to convince Algernon the payroll recovered in only 100k, but Algernon saw right through Rocky’s lie. Ivan was telling Rocky to stop lying, which made the situation worse. Having annoyed Algernon, Rocky now demanded payment. Upon Algernon’s query to how much the cargo was Rocky decided to lie again and demand 15k. Algernon tells his men to get the payment for Rocky and tells Rocky to not come back to Triumph again. He’s not welcome.

As they depart Triumph returning to Persephone, Ivan swears he’s going to kill James for putting traitors onto his ship. They also discuss on selling the 209 and replacing it with a much more powerful ship which can carry weapons. To what end is yet to be determined.

To be continued…..

A Mighty Fine Shindig
Season 1 Episode 1

Ivan has been invited to the opening ceremony of International Import/Export’s new headquarters by his old school friend James Newton. The ceremony is to take place in the evening. The office is located in one of the new skyscrapers in Waterdown City on Persephone. Ulfric209 is sitting in Eavesdown docks costing a fortune in docking/landing fees.

The good news is that James said he has a job for them.

Just as the party comes to the point of James giving his big speech on the bright future of International Exports/Imports when Ivan and Mickey noticing something not quite right. Ivan noticed some sort of commotion was happening on the upper balcony and sent Rocky to investigate. Unfortunately Rocky didn’t get very far before he was confronted by two armed men, forcing him back down the stairs. As everybody was gathered in the centre of the room the leader came out and promised everybody will safe and unharmed. His business was with James. Argument between James and the leader began over payment for services rendered with James claiming they failed and thus didn’t deserve payment.

As they reached an impasse, the leader commanded his troops to have all the guests locked into the meeting rooms. Ivan, Rocky and Mickey got locked into one of the meeting rooms with several other guests and James’s PA Ellis Fern. Rocky then attempted to trick the guard into letting them out, but was unsuccessful. In the second attempt Rocky had Ivan and Mickey ready to pounce the guard. Although Rocky managed to get the guard to open the door again, Ivan’s attempt at knocking the guard down failed. Luckily for them, the guard decided to retreat and lock the door instead of engaging them.

Ellis already knew who they were, but witnessing their attempt at disabling the guard made her jump into action and ask their intentions. She goes on to explain the situation with the merc leader who wants payment for a job they botched. She also tells them about the secret panel and to contact Nevil Dart the security chief. James and Nevil have worked out contingency plans for just such an event.

Going through the access panel leads Ivan, Rocky and Mickey into a sports good store. In the process, Rocky manages to strain his ankle from jumping down through the access panel. Ivan follows by using Rocky as a cushion. Mickey sensibly climbs down the access panel.

Rummaging through the store they find the hunting section where they acquired long barrel shotguns usually used to shoot clay pigeons. Armed and ready to take on the hostage takers they decide to head out of the store. They find the doors are security locked and alarmed. Mickey attempts to unlock the door, but instead manages to activate the security door instead, locking them inside. As they pondered how to get out, Mickey feels cold steel touch his neck from behind. As Ivan and Rocky turn around, they find a person wearing the buildings’ security guard uniform. Ivan, Rocky and Mickey put their shotguns down as told by the guard. It took Rocky several attempts at convincing the guard of their intention to help and rescue all the hostages. Eventually the guard tells them about the James putting in a sleeping gas and secure line connection in his office. He also believes his security team has been disabled as none of his team is responding to radio calls.

Disabling the security system for the shop, the guard leads them to the staircase and warns them all the doors have security monitors. As soon as a door is opened, an alarm will be raised in the security office. Mickey manages to disable the doors letting them get through to the office level of Internation Import/Export. With a simple jiggle of the door by the guard leads them into the office space.

Peeking around the corner they can see two armed mercs on the balcony checking downwards. Rocky, Ivan and Mickey decide to go in guns blazing. Rocky shouts surrender or die resulting in one of the mercs fleeing. The other merc decides to stand his ground, but was shot before he could get a shot off. With Rocky and Ivan guarding the stairways, Mickey and the guard head for James’s office.

Opening the door, Mickey finds James and the merc leader in conversation with someone on the large video screen. Mickey decides to threaten the merc leader resulting in firing a shotgun burst hitting the merc’s shoulder. As he attempts to get Mickey to work for him, Ivan who heard the first shot decides to finish him off by blowing his head off with the shotgun. As soon as the merc leader is out of the picture, James throws a mask to Ivan and another one to the guard before donning his own. As sleeping gas is released across the offices, Mickey and Rocky fall unconscious.

Everybody spends the next couple of hours being interviewed by the alliance before being released. James tells Ivan to meet a man at a bar in the seedy part of town to get the job.


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