A Mighty Fine Shindig

Season 1 Episode 1

Ivan has been invited to the opening ceremony of International Import/Export’s new headquarters by his old school friend James Newton. The ceremony is to take place in the evening. The office is located in one of the new skyscrapers in Waterdown City on Persephone. Ulfric209 is sitting in Eavesdown docks costing a fortune in docking/landing fees.

The good news is that James said he has a job for them.

Just as the party comes to the point of James giving his big speech on the bright future of International Exports/Imports when Ivan and Mickey noticing something not quite right. Ivan noticed some sort of commotion was happening on the upper balcony and sent Rocky to investigate. Unfortunately Rocky didn’t get very far before he was confronted by two armed men, forcing him back down the stairs. As everybody was gathered in the centre of the room the leader came out and promised everybody will safe and unharmed. His business was with James. Argument between James and the leader began over payment for services rendered with James claiming they failed and thus didn’t deserve payment.

As they reached an impasse, the leader commanded his troops to have all the guests locked into the meeting rooms. Ivan, Rocky and Mickey got locked into one of the meeting rooms with several other guests and James’s PA Ellis Fern. Rocky then attempted to trick the guard into letting them out, but was unsuccessful. In the second attempt Rocky had Ivan and Mickey ready to pounce the guard. Although Rocky managed to get the guard to open the door again, Ivan’s attempt at knocking the guard down failed. Luckily for them, the guard decided to retreat and lock the door instead of engaging them.

Ellis already knew who they were, but witnessing their attempt at disabling the guard made her jump into action and ask their intentions. She goes on to explain the situation with the merc leader who wants payment for a job they botched. She also tells them about the secret panel and to contact Nevil Dart the security chief. James and Nevil have worked out contingency plans for just such an event.

Going through the access panel leads Ivan, Rocky and Mickey into a sports good store. In the process, Rocky manages to strain his ankle from jumping down through the access panel. Ivan follows by using Rocky as a cushion. Mickey sensibly climbs down the access panel.

Rummaging through the store they find the hunting section where they acquired long barrel shotguns usually used to shoot clay pigeons. Armed and ready to take on the hostage takers they decide to head out of the store. They find the doors are security locked and alarmed. Mickey attempts to unlock the door, but instead manages to activate the security door instead, locking them inside. As they pondered how to get out, Mickey feels cold steel touch his neck from behind. As Ivan and Rocky turn around, they find a person wearing the buildings’ security guard uniform. Ivan, Rocky and Mickey put their shotguns down as told by the guard. It took Rocky several attempts at convincing the guard of their intention to help and rescue all the hostages. Eventually the guard tells them about the James putting in a sleeping gas and secure line connection in his office. He also believes his security team has been disabled as none of his team is responding to radio calls.

Disabling the security system for the shop, the guard leads them to the staircase and warns them all the doors have security monitors. As soon as a door is opened, an alarm will be raised in the security office. Mickey manages to disable the doors letting them get through to the office level of Internation Import/Export. With a simple jiggle of the door by the guard leads them into the office space.

Peeking around the corner they can see two armed mercs on the balcony checking downwards. Rocky, Ivan and Mickey decide to go in guns blazing. Rocky shouts surrender or die resulting in one of the mercs fleeing. The other merc decides to stand his ground, but was shot before he could get a shot off. With Rocky and Ivan guarding the stairways, Mickey and the guard head for James’s office.

Opening the door, Mickey finds James and the merc leader in conversation with someone on the large video screen. Mickey decides to threaten the merc leader resulting in firing a shotgun burst hitting the merc’s shoulder. As he attempts to get Mickey to work for him, Ivan who heard the first shot decides to finish him off by blowing his head off with the shotgun. As soon as the merc leader is out of the picture, James throws a mask to Ivan and another one to the guard before donning his own. As sleeping gas is released across the offices, Mickey and Rocky fall unconscious.

Everybody spends the next couple of hours being interviewed by the alliance before being released. James tells Ivan to meet a man at a bar in the seedy part of town to get the job.


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