James Newton (M)

CEO of International Import/Export


Charming, handsome, smooth talker and generally well liked person. He has a way of convincing people to to do what he wants, but he does reward them well. This results in James mainly recruiting reliable and loyal staff.


James grew up not poor, but not rich either. Family had a little money being the foreman as a dry dock mechanic on Persepehone. His parents wanted him to study law or medicine, but he decided he wanted to start his own business. As the war broke out he seized his opportunity, rented a ship and started shuffling goods from one end of the verse to the other. With a keen sense of deals, within a year he owned more than 5 ships. By the second year his business expanded to 15 ships and started to monopolize certain trade routes. After the war he soon found running ships was not as profitable as being a middleman organising logistics and began selling his ships to independent soldiers who couldn’t find work anywhere else. With sales and profits soaring due to the rebuilding process, he had many captains and ships working for him, but he couldn’t find a captain he trusts to do some of the more sensitive kind of work.

James Newton (M)

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