Proposed New Rules or Amendments for Consideration

Propose New Rules or Amend Existing Rules

This wiki page lists proposals to either amend or introduce new rules not within either the Cortex or Cortex Plus rule set. These rules are not active until agreed and passed by all players.

PNRA1 – Encouraging the use of plot points

The intention for the proposal is to encourage the use of plot points during game play. By default each player receives 6 plot points at the beginning of the adventure. For those players who use their plot points during game play looses out on being able to collect plot points for advancement.

The proposal submits two possible solution to the issue:

Option 1

To stop players from hoarding or not using their plot points is for all players to drop down to the player who has the least plot points. For example, at the end of the adventure player A will have 8 points, player B 6 points and player C 5 points. Therefore the advancement point everybody receives will be 5, thus player A loosing 3 points and player B 1 point.

Option 2

To reward players with additional advancement points for those who choose to use plot points at the GMs discretion. For example, player A has 6 plot points but never uses them. Player B has 7 plot points and only used it once or twice. Player C has only 1 plot point left over but has consistently gained and lost plot points over the course of the adventure. Thus GM will reward player C with 6 advancement points for good use to balance out the loss.


GM is recommending the second option, but will require agreement from all parties.

Proposed New Rules or Amendments for Consideration

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