Gun Runners

Season 1 Episode 2

James organises the meet for the crew. They are to meet their contact at a bar in the seedy part of Waterdown city. The crew arrive early and find a table. Mickey went to get drinks and is approached by a drunk which the bartender refuses to serve as he hasn’t paid his tab. He tries to sell Mickey his watch for some cash. Mickey manages to negotiate the cost down to 10 credits and accepts. The watch is worth at least 50 credits at any disreputable pawn broker. More at a reputable one.

Fed up with waiting, Rocky goes and buys the drinks. While the bartender is busy with another customer, Rocky gets approached by a different drunk who says to him “I don’t like your face!”. Rocky tries to calmly resolve the situation, but the drunk has no intention of resolving anything. He attempts to punch Rocky completely missing. After a second attempt at trying to stop the attacker, Rocky punches his lights out. Somebody shouts “bar fight” and the whole place erupts.

In the meantime, a person approaches Ivan and identifies himself as Phil Silver. He suggests they depart to somewhere a little bit more quiet to discuss their arrangement. Ivan follows Silver and waves Mickey and Rocky to follow. Rocky manages to punch his way out while Mickey manages to sneak out. As they leave the bar and get into Silvers hover limo, they can hear somebody scream “Alliance!”.

As they drive off, Silver tells them of the job. They are to transport weapons to the governor of Triumph. Apparently the governor is having a few problems. When asked by Rocky as to payment, Silver is prepared to pay 5000 credits. Rocky manages to negotiate an increase to 6000.

As Silver drops them off at Eavesdown dock by the 209, they see three gunmen and Ellis Fern waiting for them. Ellis greets them and provides them papers which will allow them to land at any planet in the verse as they are now officially contracted by International Import/Export. James has hired three gunmen to help out on the job as thanks for saving him. Their names are Joseph, Bruce and Francis. They load the cargo and Rocky goes to pay the docking fee.

The dock master demands 2000 credits landing fee for two weeks. Rocky complains and negotiates the cost down to 750 credits.

They depart for Triumph, roughly two weeks away at current planetary rotation.

About 2 weeks later, everybody on board is going a little stir crazy. Three more days and they will arrive at Triumph. Ivan is in his room admiring beautiful blondes and boobies in the latest Playboy magazine. Rocky couldn’t find his playboy magazine so ends up reading Jane’s newest magazine on guns and ammo. He’s admiring the new Makarov Pistol version 3 from Izhevsk Mechanical Industries. The gun itself isn’t that impressive, but the holster that comes with is impressive. The holster is an auto load holster on draw, shaving milliseconds off ones draw. Mickey is reading the latest article on the cortex bio interface and thinking about how this could make him some money.

Suddenly they hear screaming coming from below. Apparently Joseph and Bruce are fighting. Something about cheating at cards. Rocky goes to investigate, while Ivan goes to the cockpit to check on things. Mickey heads to make sure everything is alright in the engine room.

As Rocky enters the cargo hold, he can see Bruce and Joseph screaming and shouting at each other. Rocky attempts to calm them down, but they aren’t listening. He pulls his shotgun out to get their attention with no luck.

Joseph and Bruce start throwing the cargo at each other at which point Rocky tries to intervene by punching Bruce.

In the meantime, Ivan went to check on Francis finding him asleep in his bunk. Ivan decided to lock the door, just in case and then headed down to find out what is going on.

Rocky manages to calm down Bruce, but not Joseph. Mickey decides to come down to watch the show. After a few rounds, Rocky manages to knock out Joseph. Francis appears behind Mickey yawning and asking what is going on. After telling him that they were fighting, he shrugs his shoulder like it is nothing new. Ivan tells him to get his men under control and responds their not his men. Francis leaves to return to his quarters while the rest clean up the mess and carry Joseph back to his bunk.

The next day, Mickey has an uneasy feeling something is not quite right. Something feels off. The vibration of the ship, the hum of the engine, something isn’t right. He goes to check the engines and all he finds is the engine needs a minor calibration. After resolving the calibration issue, something is still nagging him but he doesn’t know what.

Ivan suddenly has a bad feeling as well. He goes to the cockpit to check his instruments. Besides a minor course correction needed, nothing seemed amiss.

Not longer after, they all feel a sudden gravitational shift. It felt like the ship was moved. Ivan immediately deduced they were being boarded. Rushing to the cockpit and looking out the window they see a skiff has docked with their ship. He tells everybody to get ready as they are being boarded. Joseph, Bruce and Francis gather their guns and await their orders in the galley. Mickey, Ivan and Rocky does the same. When they are all ready, Ivan tells Joseph, Bruce and Francis to go first, with Rocky following.

Before they managed to reach the bottom of the stairs, a rain of gunfire comes flying from the cargo hold. Without being able to see into the cargo hold, Ivan decides to use a flash bang. He throws it into the cargo hold. As soon as it goes off, Joseph, Bruce and Francis rush in. Ivan and Rocky follow and see 6 gunmen behind crates, but suddenly find themselves at gun point by Joseph, Bruce and Francis. Ivan using his lightning reflexes decides to respond by shooting Joseph. Rocky does the same with Bruce.

The pirates tells them to surrender and Ivan responds with further gunfire. After a few exchanges of gunfire resulting in the death of Joseph, Ivan resorts to using a fragmentation grenade to clear out the pirates. He successfully lobs it over the crates landing amidst the pirates causing massive damage to the pirates and the cargo. Mickey now gets himself involved in the fight as well and manages to kill Bruce and Francis.

After receiving a number of wounds and killing a few pirates, they soon hear somebody shout retreat. Two new gunmen appear spraying gunfire everywhere. Rocky and Mickey get hit by the spray from one pirate, but only Rocky gets hit by the second. As they return fire, they manage to take one out while the pirates escape.

As the pirate ship leaves and thinking the situation is over, the engine falters and they are left dead in space. Mickey finds the engines have been sabotaged, but initially could not figure out how to repair it.

Ivan attempts to track the ship and marks them as heading to Triumph. Mickey worked on the engine for nearly two days before they were boarded by an Alliance Patrol ship. Ivan and Rocky did not bother to clean up the cargo hold and as soon as the Alliance boarded, they were immediately arrested. After a lengthy interview and a number of checks, they were finally released. As soon as they stepped aboard they saw an empty cargo hold and hearing the airlock door shut behind them They immediately suspect the Alliance patrol boat was not real.

Mickey rushes back to finish repairs while Ivan tracks the patrol boat. As soon as they get under way, Ivan chases after them. Although the 209 is faster than an alliance patrol boat, for some reason they weren’t able to catch this one. They are only managing to match their speed. The follow the ship all the way to Triumph and loose the ship somewhere in Summerbrook Mountains.

They decide to search Summerbrook Mountain from the air, but with no luck and decided to land in the valley. Mickey removes parts of the ship to make sure nobody can steal it while they go looking for the ship. Fully armed they investigate the valley scaring off the farmers. Soon they ended up in a dead end when they are told to surrender, but they don’t see anyone. Deciding to surrender, 6 gunmen come out and attempt to remove their weapons. Rocky tries to negotiate with them to keep their weapons unsuccessfully. They surrendered (under the order of the GM) and was taken to the caves nearby.

In the caves they met Algernon Yong and tells them of the horrible things the Governor’s son Perun Ryo Jr. has done. Since the illness of Perun Ryo Senior, the son has taken over the governorship and has forced everybody into slavery and has begun stealing the people’s farms. The rebellion needed the guns and also needs their help.

The mercenaries working for Perun Ryo are unhappy. With a lack of weapons, the only thing keeping them here is their salary. Algernon wants to make sure they never get paid and thus will desert the Governor. But he needs help as they have only two ships. One they use for undercover work (the Alliance Patrol ship) and the other one has broken down (the Pirate skiff). They need the 209 to drop 6 troops onto the train so the rebels can stop the train in the mountain and steal the payroll. Ivan agrees, although Rocky seems to feel differently. Rocky is intent on wanting to be paid for the job. Algernon says they don’t have much, but promises a portion of the payroll, but Rocky kept pressing for a definite sum. Algernon says he doesn’t know how much is on the train and he’ll have to wait till the job is complete.

The crew of the 209 do come up with a slight alternative solution to the plan. Rocky suggests planting the squadkiller to blow the train up if the rebel team fail to stop the train. No one disagreed and they go prep for the job.

Mickey manages to create more damage than mend when he tries to put the parts he took out back in. Luckily he just manages to finish the job in the nick of time. Rocky lays the squadkiller and tries to turn it on. It didn’t work. He bangs the thing and tries again. The red light comes on telling Rocky it is finally armed. Rocky starts heading out of there.

Ivan manoeuvres the ship under the radar through the mountains and manages to drop the rebels off the train. As they continue to follow the train, they notice the train isn’t slowing down. Ivan and Mickey discuss about Mickey getting on the train to stop it with Rocky chiming in over the comm set. Mickey is refusing to budge.

Soon the train does start to slow down, but it doesn’t look like it will stop before it hits the squadkiller. Ivan comes up with a brilliant plan to nudge the train off the tracks. He pilots perfectly nudging the train off the track with no damage whatsoever to the 209. Just a little scratch on the paint.

The train derails and comes to a halt. As Ivan lands the ship, they see three rebels disembark. As Ivan and Mickey approach the three, they discover the others did not manage to secure the payroll carriage. Two of the rebels begin to help the passengers off the train. Ivan sent the other one with Mickey to go around the other side of the payroll carriage. Ivan successfully manages to crack the lock on the train and tells Mickey to do the same. Mickey manages to unlock his side as well.

Ivan wants to scare them from coming out by making a small opening and firing into the carriage. As soon as Mickey pulls open the door to let the rebel gunmen fire in, a stream of bullets fly out from the inside.

By this time Rocky has arrived and is standing next to Ivan. Using the opportunity of the distraction, Ivan board the train and finds 4 guards hunkered down. Rocky jumps in after him and tells them to surrender. The guards argue over surrendering and suddenly a shot went off killing one of them. Ivan responds by shooting the guard who shot the gunmen. The rest surrender. When Rocky asked who they were, the guards tell them they are mercs working for Governor Ryo. They discover from the guards the payroll totalled 150k credits.

With the help of the rebels they move the payroll onto the 209 and take off. Unfortunately Ivan mis-calculated his flight path slightly and got detected. He managed to hide and dodge making the signal to be no more than a blip on somebody else’s radar.

Upon returning to the rebel base, Ivan and Mickey remain on board and let Rocky handle the negotiations. Algernon is happy to see Rocky, but the situation soon turns sour. Rocky attempts to convince Algernon the payroll recovered in only 100k, but Algernon saw right through Rocky’s lie. Ivan was telling Rocky to stop lying, which made the situation worse. Having annoyed Algernon, Rocky now demanded payment. Upon Algernon’s query to how much the cargo was Rocky decided to lie again and demand 15k. Algernon tells his men to get the payment for Rocky and tells Rocky to not come back to Triumph again. He’s not welcome.

As they depart Triumph returning to Persephone, Ivan swears he’s going to kill James for putting traitors onto his ship. They also discuss on selling the 209 and replacing it with a much more powerful ship which can carry weapons. To what end is yet to be determined.

To be continued…..


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