Advancement Rules

Advancement Points

  • GM awards 1 to 6 points
  • Remaining plot points provide additional advancement points

For example, GM gives 3 points. Player has 6 plot points left over at the end of the adventure. In total the player will have 9 points to spend.

Advancement Prices to Purchase Skills and Attributes

You can spend Advancement Points to increase an Attribute or a Skill, buy new Skills, or save them for a big upgrade spree during a big period of down-time.

Generally, you may spend Advancement Points only to improve a character in-between game
sessions, and only to improve a single Skill or Attribute by one die type or purchase a new skill at the d2 level. Advancement is a slow process.


Buying off Complications Instead

  • Removing minor complications costs 10 points
  • Removing major complications costs 20 points (10 point makes a major into a minor)


  1. Reasonable explanation required why the complication isn’t a burden any more
  2. Needs to be approved by GM

Advancement Rules

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