Core Rules

Slightly Amended for Cortex Plus

The Real Basics

Attribute + Skill = Result

Traits can increase or decrease your attribute die.


Attribute + Skill + Weapon + Stress = Result

Stress die is the oppositions stress, not your own. For example:

  1. Player A uses a pistol to shoot player B
  2. Player A rolls Agility + Gun Skill + Pistol
  3. Player B rolls Agility + Armour to dodge
  4. Player A successfully hits player B
  5. Player B gets stress injury of d2
  6. Player B returns fire rolling Agility + Gun Skill + Shotgun
  7. Player A dodges with Agility + Armour + Athletics
  8. Player A shoots again and rolls Agility + Gun Skill + Pistol + Stress (d2)

Stress damage in encounters are determined by GM based on outcome of dice roll. The bigger the difference, the bigger the stress damage.

Skill check

Attribute + Skill + Stress = Result

For example:

  1. Player A attempts to kick door down. Rolls Strength
  2. Door roles Strength
  3. Player A unsuccessful and takes Stress Injury d2
  4. Player A attempts to kick door down again. Rolls Strength
  5. Door roles Strength + Stress of d2

Buying and Selling stuff


Ship Maintenance (Keep on Flying)

The following are general guides only. Certain planet have different costs.

The cost is based on the Knorr Class ship which happens to be the Ulfric209.

  • Landing/Port fees: 1 credit per ton per week = 750 credits/week
  • Fuel: 5 credits per ton = 75 credits for 15 tons
  • Maintenance cost: 900 credits p.a. for Ulfric209

Core Rules

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