Rules Amendment

General Rules

The rule set to be used is based on the Serenity RPG. Life points as described in the manual will be replaced in favour of using the Cortex Plus rules.

Stress from Cortex Plus to replace rules for life points

Life points will be replaced with Stress:

“Stress is how your characters deal with setbacks and defeat. It hits them in the moment when they lose a Contest, and it stays as lasting consequences until they get some Stress Relief.”

Five types of Stress

The following three stresses will be used:

  • Afraid
  • Angry
  • Injured

The following two stresses will NOT be used:

  • Exhausted
  • Insecure

Stresses are measured by penalties starting from a d2 to d12.

Stress Relief

Depending on the type of stress received, stress can be relieved in three possible ways:

  • Rest
  • See a doctor for both mental (psychiatrist) and physical injury (surgeon)
  • Buy complication

Omitted and Altered Rules

The following rules in Serenity RPG will be omitted or have been altered in reducing the management overhead and flow of the game.

  • Food supplies are assumed to be purchased and stowed as part of day to day running
  • General supplies for running and maintaining the boat are assumed as day to day tasks
  • Only signature weapons (chosen at character creation) will always be available to the character unless otherwise specified. GM will need to be told if carrying any other weapons.


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